Monday, March 24, 2008

Flying is Hell.

Remember when you were little and traveling was such an adventure? Remember the butterflies you'd get taking off in that jet plane to some far off destination like Disney World or a sunny california beach? When does traveling transform from glamour to insufferable pain? I'll tell you when. It's when the dyslexic guy at the travel agency books your flight, accidentally arranging for your connection to leave the next day, stranding you at the JFK airport. It's when you are so desperate to leave the airport that Sparta, New Jersey is a saught after destination (No offense to Dad and Kenneth, I hear Sparta is lovely this time of year).
There is no easier way to put a person in a rage than by telling them that their flight plans have gone sour. The last thing I want to do after having been awake since 4:30 in the morning is hear from Janet, the spindly woman with a bad dye job and more listick on her teeth than her lips tell me that i'm "just not coming up in the computer. Are you SURE your flight leaves today?" HELL YES I'M SURE! DON'T YOU DARE MAKE ME MISS THE SEASON PREMIER OF THE HILLS! I gave myself a minute to regroup before calling my Dad and arranging to take the 2 and a half hours worth of trains fron JFK to his Jersey abode. (Hills Spoiler Alert! DO NOT READ ON if you have yet to see the premier!) I made it in time to see Lauren Conrad and her Coworker Whitney go to Paris, learn that Brody got a new girlfriend while Lauren was away, Heidi kicked Spencer out of the apartment and went to stay with her parents in Colorado, and Whitney is choosing a new career path in fashion design and leaving Teen Vogue magazine. So what did I learn today? For the love of God, book your own flight.

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Toomerdog said...

You should be expecting a call soon from the Department of Tourism from the municipality of Sparta NJ....asking you for a testimonial.
And oh, by the way, what did you do with the dog's testicles? They are missing!